Great Lakes Data Racks and Cabinets

Great Lakes Data Racks and Cabinets is a WBENC certified organization that specializes in the manufacturing and integration of indoor/outdoor enclosures for the storage and protection of IT equipment. Through innovative engineering, GLCC® is able to uniquely address the airflow, power, cable management and security requirements associated with telecommunications, network, and server deployments of all sizes. Since 1985, GLCC’s core mission has been to provide responsive goods and services that exceed the expectations of government and commercial organizations across the world.

Cooling is of prime importance to a data center and Great Lakes can provide you with the solutions you need to operate your data center at a high density. Their flexible solutions allow you to cool your data center according to your current needs and accommodate your future needs in the same container, saving you money and effort.

Great Lakes also provides a range of enclosures able to accommodate cable management, protection against dust, dirt, and water, cooling systems, and high density cable applications. Both custom and standard sizes are available, to meet all your enclosure needs.

Along with enclosures, Great Lakes can help you organize your data center with their rack systems. Choose a vertical cable manager and accessories, and let Great Lakes handle the installation into your rack.

Great Lakes can also provide you with free standing and wall mount enclosures compliant with National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Type 12 standards. These cases will protect your equipment from dust, falling dirt, water, and noncorrosive liquids, as well as protect your employees from any potentially hazardous parts inside the enclosure.

GLCC Company overview

We offer the following Great Lakes products:

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