Who is Capitol Network Solutions?

Incorporated in 2001, Capitol Network Solutions provides rock solid representation for manufacturers in the telecommunications cabling industry. We provide our customers with top-tier expertise and services that you can count on to fulfill your telecom cabling needs. We work with a broad spectrum of products and services in the network cabling industry, including communications cabling, test equipment, firestops, data cabinets and racks, and telecom cabling solutions.

Who we work with

CNS sales teams and product specialists are located throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC markets, enabling us to provide our customers with local resources and rapid responses.

We have partners, not just customers, and work with commercial and federal accounts, contractors, integrators, consultants, and distributors to meet their data and telecom needs. A large portion of our business is focused on the Healthcare and Educational Markets, giving us the ability to offer superior service in these specialized fields. From hospitals to schools to large corporate centers, our team prides themselves on using both their years of experience as well as their passion to give customers the best service possible.

The Capitol Network Solutions Advantage

Your entire communications system – including not only the voice and data systems, but also power over Ethernet (PoE), computing, control, and security systems – runs on a foundation of physical infrastructure. In order to succeed, your company needs high-quality, high-performance infrastructure, and you need the right partner to help you optimize its potential.

CNS will help you optimize by providing you with the quality components necessary to create a strong infrastructure. We are committed to providing our customers with all of our available resources to help you achieve your goals. CNS can help you along every step of the process, providing you with factory personnel, technology consultants, BLT certified installers, stocking distributor partners, and much more.

We know that in a world where the demand for telecom and datacom are increasing every day, systems that have traditionally been separately deployed and managed or integrated through proprietary, closed technologies are beginning to converge. CNS will help you create a full infrastructure network to meet your needs.

Ready to work with us? Contact us to start building your top-tier infrastructure today.